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    Blue Jays At Comerica Park!! Day Road Trip!

    Hi There,

    Just joined!!!! This is our year baby!! you watch!!!

    Excited to finally be in a group with jays fans!!!

    Just an FYI - I am an organizing a bus trip from Mississauga/Toronto to Detroit (round trip) for July 4th!!!! Go Jays Go!! let me know if you are interested

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    Sounds interesting, might be down.. we'll see closer to the date.
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    Awesome! The more the merrier.. should be a good time .. especially with it being U.S independence day! So far we have a good mix of men and women, different ages... all looking for a Jays Road Win!!!

    Visit us on our FB group or msg us...

    All the best!!
    Pompey for rookie of the year!



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