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This alphabetical phenomenon rarely occurs in major league baseball. The rarity is the movement of a young prospect from level ‘A’ at the commencement... Seeds & Droppings V

Blue Jays 2014

Select observations for your perusal, edification, contemplation and, hopefully, your enjoyment.

 Item:  A to J…in a single season…times 2!!
– This alphabetical phenomenon rarely occurs in major league baseball. The rarity is the movement of a young prospect from level ‘
A’ at the commencement of a given season to ‘AA’ ball, through ‘AAA’ all the way to the parent club, in this case to becoming a ‘J’…a Toronto Blue Jay, before the season’s end!

More mind-boggling is the fact that not only has this happened to one of the Jays’ coveted prospects this year, unimaginably it has happened to TWO!

21 year old, left-handed pitcher Daniel Norris and 21 year old, switch-hitting outfielder Dalton Pompey, of Mississauga, have been called up from the International League’s, AAA Buffalo Bisons to the Toronto Blue Jays. WOW!

Congratulations to both young men.

Dalton’s 2014 combined MiLB numbers are: .313 AVG, .388 OBP, .850 OPS with 82 runs scored, 9 HRs, 51 RBIs and 43 stolen bases!

Daniel’s 2014 combined MiLB stats line is: a 12 – 2 Won – Lost record, 2.53 ERA, 1.115 WHIP with 163 Ks in only 124.2 innings pitched.

Impressive, both! ‘What, we worry?’

 Item:Report: Blue Jays acquire OF John Mayberry Jr.
– A transaction was published on Monday by MLB that The Toronto Blue Jays have acquired OF John Mayberry Jr. from the Philadelphia Phillies for minor leaguer Gustavo Pierre. Mayberry Jr., the 30 year old, 6’ 6’’, right-handed hitting outfielder has batted .213, with 6 HRs and 21 RBIs in 122 ABs this season.

Item: Pillar of strength!
– After only a small sample of four games since his long overdue call-up, Kevin Pillar has contributed right away with three doubles in his four hits over four games for a solid .267 AVG and two absolutely spectacular, highlight-reel catches in centre-field. I wonder how many more games the Jays would have won had Pillar been with the team through August…one, two, three…more? Any of those answers, at this point, would be meaningful but the Jays were more interested in setting some kind of example by ‘cutting-off-their-noses-to-spite-their-faces’ during the most important stretch of the season when they were desperate for a right-handed bat….who was available and raking in Buffalo!

Item: Speaking of Norris…
– Baltimore Orioles starting pitcher David Stephan Norris is better known as Bud Norris (no relation to new Blue Jay Daniel.). ‘The rest of the story…’ is that when he was four years old he was out to dinner at a restaurant with his extended family and the waiter went around the table taking drink orders.  When he got to young Master Norris and asked what he would like, the precocious lad answered “I’ll have a Bud!”. It has been ‘Bud’ Norris ever since.

Item: a thought provoking quote for baseball aficionados
– Made famous by Mark Twain, who attributed it to British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli…
“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

Item: As reported here on Friday…
– “
It ain’t over ‘til it’s over!” And, “even if ‘We’ only take two out of three, ‘We’ STILL have a shot…” and that even if not, there is still a lot of entertainment ahead. Well, guess what folks, four days later and we still have a shot and BOY has it ever been entertaining!

Item: Zauny wants to know…
– “Why do catchers today act as if they’ve been run over by a truck every time a foul ball hits them?” and goes on to say “BJ Surhoff would kill me if I even reacted to a foul ball off my body when I was a rookie. “You’re screwing up the flow of the game you pansy. It aint gonna stop hurting til it does. Get back behind the plate.””.  Ahhh…the good old days!

Item: LAST WEEK’S…Do you know…
who the only Blue Jay player is who began his Major League career with the Jays without ever having played in a single minor league baseball game?

– Answer: First Baseman John Olerud. Part of the negotiated deal that led to John signing with the Jays out of Washington State University was a promise to him and his parents that he would go straight to the major league club and not have to spend any time in the minor leagues.

Item:Do you know…
who it was who announced that they were leaving their Blue Jays’ position ‘…due to illness’, “I’m sick of them and they are sick of me!”?

look for the answer in next week’s column…OR, as Casey Stengle used to say: “You can look it up!

Watch for this column again next week!


Tosh McIntosh

Tosh McIntosh

A happily married (42 years) husband and proud father of two great sons and buddies. I played organized ball through seven decades and have coached at multiple levels from Atom and Little League to Toronto, OBA 'AAA' Juvenile. I've played and participated in more sports than I can list since I was six or seven. An 'original' Expos AND Blue Jays fan I'd love to see MLB back in Montreal. In part through my own company and projects I have written various sports articles over twenty-plus years notably on hockey and have a long standing relationship with the Hockey Hall of Fame.

  • Shaun MacDonald

    Shaun MacDonald

    September 3, 2014 #1 Author

    Was it Shea Hillenbrand who left?

    • Tosh McIntosh

      Tosh McIntosh

      September 3, 2014 #2 Author

      Hey Shaun…nice guess but I think Hillenbrand’s exit comments were all expletive deleted! 😉

  • Erik


    September 3, 2014 #3 Author

    That one rings a bell. Seems like it was Hillenbrand but I’m thinking it could be someone else… Boomer Wells, Ted Lilly… a front office dude?


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