Players with at least three years of professional service who are not protected on a team’s major league roster are eligible for selection by another club for $100,000 (prior to 1985 the draft price was $25,000 – prior to 2016 the draft price was $50,000). The drafted player must remain with his new club for the full season or be offered back to his original club for $50,000. The drafting is in reverse order of previous season records and alternating between leagues. Following this major league draft, a separate selection is held by National Association clubs from class AAA to A levels. An “AAA” selection price is $24,000. A “AA” selection previously was $4,000 but was eliminated in 2016.

Year Player Position Original Club Status With Toronto
1977 Willie Upshaw 1B AAA-Syracuse, NYY Played nine seasons in Toronto
Andy Dyes OF AAA-Denver, MTL Spent one season in Toronto organization
1978 Ted Wilborn OF AAA-Tacoma, NYY Spent one season in Toronto organization
Bob Davis C AAA-Hawaii, SD Played two seasons in Toronto
1979 Mike Macha IF AAA-Richmond, ATL Played one season in Toronto
1980 George Bell OF AAA-Okl.City, PHI Played nine seasons in Toronto
Dan Whitmer C AAA-Salt Lake, CAL Played one season in Toronto
1981 Jim Gott RHP AAA-Springfield, STL Played three seasons in Toronto
Anthony Johnson OF AAA-Denver, MTL Played one season in Toronto
1982 Jim Acker RHP AAA-Richmond, ATL In 2 stints, played 7 seasons for Toronto
Mercedes Esquer LHP AAA-Portland, PIT Remained in the Toronto organization
1983 Kelly Gruber IF AAA-Charleston, CLE Played nine seasons in Toronto
Terry Cormack C AAA-Richmond, ATL Returned to Atlanta March 25, 1984
1984 Manuel Lee IF AAA-Tuscon, HOU Played eight seasons in Toronto
Louis Thornton OF AAA-Tidewater, NYM Played three seasons in Toronto
1985 Jose DeJesus RHP AAA-Omaha, KC Returned to Kansas City April 3, 1986
1986 Jose Nunez RHP AAA-Omaha, KC Played three seasons in Toronto
1990 Ricky Rhodes RHP AAA-Columbus, NYY Returned to New York March 29, 1991
1992 Billy Taylor RHP AAA-Richmond, ATL Returned to Atlanta April 1, 1993
1995 Carey Paige RHP AA-Greenville, ATL Remained in Toronto organization for two seasons
1997 Luis Saturria OF A-Peoria, STL Returned to St. Louis March 20, 1998
1999 Dewayne Wise OF A-Rockford, CIN Played three seasons in Toronto
2001 Corey Thurman RHP AAA-Omaha, KAN Played two seasons in Toronto
2002 Jason Dubois OF A-Daytona, CHI-NL Returned to Chicago March 15, 2003
Aquilino Lopez RHP AAA-Tacoma, SEA Played two seasons in Toronto
Gary Majewski RHP AA-Birmingham, CHI-AL Returned to Chicago March 17, 2003
2003 Talley Haines RHP AAA-Durham, TB Remained in Toronto organization, played for one season
2006 Jason Smith IF AAA-Iowa, CHI-NL Remained with the Club until May 15, 2007
2007 Randy Wells RHP AAA-Iowa, CHI-NL Returned to the Cubs on April 16, 2008
2009 Zech Zinicola RHP AAA-Syracuse, WSH Returned to the Nationals on March 18, 2010
2012 Efraín Nieves LHP A-Connecticut, DET Remained in the organization until 2014 when he became a free agent after the season
2013 Brian Moran LHP AAA-Tacoma, SEA Traded to the Los Angeles Angels on Dec. 12, 2013
Richard Bleier LHP AAA-Round Rock, TEX Remained with the organization through 2014
2015 Joe Biagini RHP AA-A Richmond, SF Played four seasons in Toronto
2016 Glenn Sparkman RHP AA-Northwest Arkansas, KC Returned to the Royals in July 2017
2017 Iván Castillo INF/OF AAA-Columbus, CLE On November 2, 2018 elected free agency
2018 Elvis Luciano RHP R-Idaho Falls, KC Remained in Toronto organization, released in 2022
2019 Hobie Harris RHP A-Tampa, NYY Remained in Toronto organization, granted free agency on November 7, 2021

The following players were selected by other clubs from the Blue Jays:

Year Player Position Team Status After Draft
1981 Ramon Lora C Los Angeles Returned to Toronto March 31, 1982
Domingo Ramos IF Seattle Played five seasons with Seattle
1983 Dave Geisel LHP Seattle Played two seasons with Seattle
1984 Mike Morgan RHP Seattle Played two seasons with Seattle
1986 Cliff Young LHP Oakland Returned to Toronto April 6, 1987
Stan Clarke LHP Seattle Played one season with Seattle
1987 Joe Johnson RHP California Played in California farm system
Santiago Garcia IF Chicago (AL) Played in Chicago farm system
1988 Colin McLaughlin RHP Seattle Played in Seattle farm system
Chris Jones RHP Los Angeles Returned to Toronto March 31, 1989
Geronimo Berroa OF Atlanta Played two seasons with Atlanta
Matt Stark C Atlanta Returned to Toronto March 27, 1989
Eric Yelding IF Chicago (NL) Claimed on waivers
1989 Steve Wapnick RHP Detroit Returned to Toronto May 1, 1990
Sil Campusano OF Philadelphia Played one season with Philadelphia
Xavier Hernandez RHP Houston Played four seasons with Houston
1991 Jesse Cross RHP Minnesota Returned to Toronto April 3, 1992
1992 Graeme Lloyd LHP Philadelphia Acquired by Milwaukee for P John Trisler
1993 Tim Hyers IF San Diego Played two seasons with San Diego
1994 Todd Steverson OF Detroit Played with Detroit in 1995
Freddy Garcia 3B Pittsburgh Played with Pittsburgh in 1995
1996 Mike Johnson RHP San Francisco Traded to Baltimore
Tom Davey RHP Baltimore Returned to Toronto
1999 Brian Smith RHP Pittsburgh Non-tendered, signed by Pittsburgh
Jim Mann RHP New York (NL) Spent one season in New York organization
2000 Jay Gibbons 1B Baltimore Played seven years in Baltimore
Rendy Espina LHP Anaheim Returned to Toronto
2002 Matt Ford LHP Milwaukee Played one season in Milwaukee
2004 Tyrell Godwin OF Washington Played one season in Washington
2005 Jamie Vermilyea RHP Boston Returned to Toronto
Steve Andrade RHP Tampa Bay Played one season with both San Diego and Kansas City
2006 Francisco Mateo LHP Cincinnati Released by the Reds on Aug. 9, 2007
2008 Ryan Klosterman SS Florida Played full season in Florida organization
Anthony Hatch IF Los Angeles (NL) Played full season in Los Angeles Dodgers organization
2010 Brad Emaus IF New York (NL) Played with New York Mets then returned to Toronto in 2011
2012 Mark Sobolewski IF Minnesota Played at two levels (AA, AAA) at minor league level
2013 Evan Crawford LHP Chicago (AL) Released from CHI on July 1, 2014
2017 Sam Moll LHP San Francisco Remained with SF until free agency in Nov. 2020
2018 Travis Bergen LHP San Francisco Returned to the Toronto Blue Jays organization August 2019
2019 Dany Jiménez RHP San Francisco Returned to the Blue Jays August 2, 2020
Brock Stewart RHP Chicago (NL) Released by Chicago on May 28, 2020
Danny Young LHP Cleveland Became a free agent on November 7, 2021
2020 Dany Jiménez RHP Oakland Returned to Blue Jays on March 15, 2021
Jake Fishman LHP Miami Remained with Marlins organization
Zach Jackson RHP Oakland Remained with Athletics organization
2021 Curtis Taylor RHP Washington Rlected free agency on November 10, 2022
2022 Logan Warmoth SS Seattle Remained with the Mariners organization